What Are You Willing to Do to Be Successful?

What are you willing to go through to be successful? Or really what does success mean to you? Does it mean having a career that allows you to live extremely comfortably? Does it mean impressing people with your accomplishments? Or does it mean being content?

A woman married a politician who eventually became the president of a country. The two of them were a powerful team.

He cheated on her though, not once, but several times. He lied under oath about one of his affairs and was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. Later, the government  acquitted him of these charges because there weren’t enough votes to find him guilty. His wife forgave him, in front of the country. She chose to stay with him. Later, she became the senator of a state and then ran for president. Now, she’s the secretary of state.

Do you think she stayed with him because she still loved him? Or do you think she stayed because she knew they were a strong team, a strong team of politicians, or both? Her husband pointed out that if she had won the presidential election, then the country would be getting two for the price of one.

A woman married a man who was about 37 years older than her. She was his third wife. He also happened to control a big chunk of the media and is one of the richest people in the world. She also happened to work for media before marrying him. There were speculations that she married him for his money and power, not for love.

Recently, a man attacked her husband with a pie and she retaliated by slapping him. Did she really marry him only because of his background? Or did she marry him because of love, or both?

A comptroller’s fundraiser was charged with fraud. He was accused of trying to hide illegal donations, donations that drew in more money for his future campaign. The comptroller said he was unaware of such doings, if they even existed. I found this to be unconvincing. If these allegations were true, that meant the comptroller endorsed the fraud, which is understandable because he planned to run for a higher political position. More money equaled more power, which equaled a higher winning rate.

Being the creative person I am, I completely fabricated these three stories. Everything and everyone in them are fictitious. Any resemblance to real characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Now, how far would you go to succeed? Would you sacrifice your marriage, your relationship with others? Would you lie? Would you break the law? Do you think succeeding is really worth it in the end? Does being successful mean a lot to you? Like Ferras wrote in his song, in the end “Will you lose yourself…Will your heart grow cold?”

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