Advice To 27 Year Old Self

1. 50% of the battle is showing up. 50% of the battle is asking. So show up and ask and you win at everything (yes, even at PS4 games).

2. Be kind to people. To get to places, you need people to help you. You don’t have to like them but they deserve to be treated kindly, even criminals (if you really can’t do it, tell them to meet you after work at 5:30pm in front of the building lobby for a one-on-one beat up).

3. Don’t change yourself for anyone, not even a boy. There is always someone out there who will like you for exactly who you are. Plastic surgery is a different story though; you can consider that if you want to change yourself.

4. Own up to your mistakes. Apologize. It adds 10 stars to your reputation where as if you try to blame other people, your reputation will then have a dark hole.

5. Don’t underestimate people’s abilities. Everyone has their strengths. By underestimating people, you have overestimated yourself and will lose terribly at any battle you may be fighting. Bonus point: a good manager is someone who recognizes people’s strengths and help them shine.

6. Smile! Even if you’re down, smile to fake it so your body is smiling and eventually it will be in sync with your mind. Unless of course, someone important in your life just died, in that case, cry the f out and think about them from time to time.

7. Leave this world a better place than you found it. If you don’t want to do it for others then do it at least for your kids, grandchildren and great grand kids. If you’re impotent and don’t want kids, then instigate more wars, increase poverty, burn books and destroy the environment.

8. Return favors; don’t try to take advantage of people without meeting them half way. People are smart. They might let you do it at the beginning but if you don’t meet them half way, you will end up at the North Pole where the only animal in your life are penguins; and even they may not give you their fishes.

9. Stand up for yourself and choose your battles wisely. No one else is obligated to stand up for you, and your parents won’t be with you 24/7. Oh and be smart: don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. If you do end up at a gun fight, make sure George Zimmerman’s attorney can represent you.

10. Get to know people yourself. Other people’s opinion about people you haven’t interacted with can be used as references, not as an ultimatum. You will be surprised at how many wonderful people you will miss out on by X-ing them because of what you “hear” about them. Unless they are criminals, in that case meet them at 5:30 pm after work in front of the building lobby for a one-on-one beat down.

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