Top 10 Signs You’re in Love with Barack Obama

10. You have converted from being a vegetarian to a dogetarian

9. You’re bankrupt because you’ve purchased homes in Hawaii, Chicago and Washington D.C.

8. Instead of referring to Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend as Kanye West, you say “that Jackass!”

7. To help him speak better, you are getting a Ph.D in teleprompterism

6. To attend George Clooney’s fundraiser event at $40,000 a plate, you sold one of your kidneys.

5. Whenever you hang out with his daughter, Malia, you only wear things that are hypoallergenic.

4. You asked Mark Zuckerberg to deactivate Mitt Romney’s fan page.

3. To secure a legal marriage, you got a citizenship with Kenya

2. You plan to name your first born “Dumbo.”

And the #1 sign that you’re in love with Barack Obama is that:

1. For Michelle Obama’s 20 year wedding anniversary with Barack, you got her a life time membership to

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