Teacher Encouraging Student

It is August 15, 2008 in Beijing, China.

Mrs. Hamilton: “Bobby, you are going to do great tonight!”

Bobby: “Mrs. Hamilton, I’m so nervous. I’m forgetting how to breathe!”

Mrs. Hamilton: “Just relax. Calm down. Don’t drink milk, that’s gonna clog your throat.”

Bobby: “Yes. And definitely sing through my stomach.”

Mrs. Hamilton: “Uh-huh. The other singers are gonna lip sync so they’re less nervous than you are but you’re better than that! You’ll do great!”

Bobby: “They are going to lip sync?! They are going to lip sync?! I wanna lip sync! I don’t wanna screw up, this is gonna be live!”

Mrs. Hamilton: “Bobby! No student of mine is going up there and lip syncing during the Olympics! Especially not when your OWN student, Michael, is excelling like whoa. He just took his 7th Gold medal!”

Bobby: “SEVEN?! SEVEN?!”

Mrs. Hamilton: “Yeah I thought you knew…it’s kind of obvious.”

Bobby: “I was too busy practicing my ‘Star Spangled Banner’ to even notice that he’s already on his 7th medal!”

Mrs. Hamilton: “Take a deep breathe. You’ll do great. You’re gonna be on in about 30 seconds”

Bobby: “I’m gonna faint.”

5 seconds pass by

Mrs. Hamilton: “No you’re not. You will be the star!”

Bobby: “What if I suck? What if I sing off tune?”

5 seconds pass by

Mrs. Hamilton: “May the lord help you then.”

5 seconds pass by

Bobby: “Shit. I can’t believe this is gonna be live.”

10 seconds pass by and Mrs. Hamilton is having an epiphany.

Producer counts down to the last 5 seconds before Bobby goes on stage.

Mrs. Hamilton: “BOBBY! If you mess up, just jump right into the pool after you’re done. No one will remember your screw ups after that!”

Bobby: “…thanks Mrs. Hamilton.”

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