Subway Riders in New York City

It is the rush hour of a weekday in the year 2011 in New York City.

Passenger #1: “I love knowing what odor your body is emitting at this time in the morning, it really makes the start of my day fabulous.”

Passenger #2: “You’re welcome. This is what you get for pushing your way into this crowded train- a compacted train cart full of fresh body odored people.”

Passenger #1: “Maybe you should get some eye correction because there’s about 1 inch x 1 inch amount of empty space behind you and yet you still choose to block the entrance of the doorway instead of moving to that empty area.”

Passenger #2: “Well my stop is coming up in about 60 minutes so I wanna make sure I’m close to the doorway.”

Passenger #1: “You’re crazy!!”

Passenger #2: “Yo what’s your problem man, you wanna start something with me?” Raises voice.

Passenger #1 (Raises voice to match that of Passenger #2’s voice): “Yeah I’ll start something with you! What you got?! What you got?! Profanity begins”

A group of musicians: “Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Pardon the interruption but we’re going to be using our loud voices and our 5 different instruments to sing a song for y’all at 8 in the morning because we KNOW this is what y’all are dying for! ”

Starts singing and playing the musical instruments.
Passenger #1: “Well there goes our 1 inch x 1 inch amount of free space on this train cart.”

Passenger #2: “Stop distracting me! I don’t wanna miss my stop that’s coming up in about 58 minutes.”

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