News Editor Has a Talk with his Reporter

The telephone rings and reporter Bob answers. It’s his news editor, Bobby.

Bobby: Bob, you made a spelling error in your article.
Bob: Oh.
Bobby: You omitted the “i” in public school.
Bob: Shit.
Bobby: Bob, this isn’t the first time. Imagine if we had published this.

Bob laughs.
Bob: Oh, I’m imagining it.

Bobby: You quoted someone claiming that our MAYOR set the school on fire. Who is she? You just wrote, “said this lady.”
Bob: I forgot.
Bobby: You forgot?
Bob: Yeah.
Bobby: Did you verify this with anyone else?
Bob: No.
Bobby: BOB. This isn’t how journalism works.

Bob: I just remembered!
Bobby: What?
Bob: No one died in the fire but I wrote 1 casualty in my article.
Bobby: Ok. Did you correct it?
Bob: No.
Bobby: Why?
Bob: I forgot.
Bobby: Fuck you.

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