Mocked Exchange between President Obama and Congressman Weiner

Recently, I came across some hilarious and mocked conversations in the Harvard Lampoon. As a self-proclaimed funny writer, I decided to have some fun by incorporating the style into my writing. The following mocked conversation was based on the news that on 5/28/11, someone hacked into Congressman Anthony Weiner’s twitter account and posted a picture of a weiner. It was “@-ed” at a woman in Seattle.


Barack Obama @RepWeiner Dude did U just post a picture of a weiner?

RepWeiner @BarackObama wht the hell…no!

Barack Obama @RepWeiner Is that yours?!

RepWeiner @BarackObama No!

Barack Obama @RepWeiner Better take that picture dn pronto b4 FoxNews gets a kick out of it

RepWeiner @BarackObama Will do

RepWeiner @BarackObama Yo I think it’s 2 late.

Barack Obama @RepWeiner Delete it man!

RepWeiner @BarackObama I did but there’s lk 50 million re-tweets of it alrdy

Barack Obama @RepWeiner Ok dude, I can’t keep typing on my blackberry, I’m in a meeting & my cabinet members R gving me disgusted stares

RepWeiner @BarackObama Understood. I’ll text U

Barack Obama @RepWeiner Ok. I just realized something. cn ppl C R tweets…?

RepWeiner @BarackObama Uh…

RepWeiner @BarackObama Shit I think so…I thought U wr sending me twttr messages

Barack Obama @RepWeiner O oops. Dang it. Just write on my FB wall instead.

Writer’s Note (as of 6/6/11), this blog entry was posted before Congressman Weiner admitted to lying about his Twitter account being hacked. The writer knew nothing of the cover-up and this post was not intended to imply that Weiner had lied.

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