Fictitous Google Talk Conversation

Inspired by Harvard Lampoon




Will Smith is online.

Will hey

Sent at 11:29 AM on Friday


you there man?

Sent at 11:29 AM on Friday

Will yo sorry,  boss came by my desk

Sent at 12:00 PM on Friday

Will sup!

Will hello?

Sent at 1:30 PM on Friday

Will drinks after work?

Will ???

Sent at 2:30 PM on Friday

Bob sorry, had a lunch meeting with clients

and they talked forever

Sent at 3:30 PM on Friday

Bob when you getting off work?

meet up at the same place for HH or try something different?

Sent at 3:50 PM on Friday

Bob yo i might be able to get off early today…

summer Fridays man!

Sent at 4:50 PM on Friday

Bob hello? u still there?

Sent at 5:30 PM on Friday

Bob alright looks like it ain’t summer Friday today, i’m still at work

Sent at 7:00 PM on Friday

Will sorry, had department meeting and bossman gave us more work to do

we have a midnight deadline now

Sent at 8:00 PM on Friday

Bob looks like i’m stuck at work for a while too

yo let’s just go to mansion after we get out

we’ll get bottles

Sent at 10:00 PM on Friday


Gonna hit the showers at my office

Meet you at mansion in a few?

Sent at 1:00 AM on Saturday


Still at work yo

Sent at 1:10AM on Saturday

Will Yo boss just told me I need to come in at 8AM tomorrow

Ok technically today

That’s like in another 6.5 hours…WTF?! After a midnight deadline????!

Sent at 1:30AM on Saturday

Bob yo i can’t even leave…

we have to meet a 7AM deadline now

Will Shit I feel you

Yo I’m just gonna take a nap by my desk

Meet you 2 blocks for breakfast in a few hours?

Sent at 2:00AM on Saturday



Sent at 7:01AM on Saturday

Bob yo you awake?

let’s get breakfast

Sent at 7:03AM on Saturday


meeting with client …

Sent at 7:10AM on Saturday


– TXY ‘08

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