F • R • I • E • N • D • S – The One With Rachel Green

Emma (assertively): “Mom, we have got to get going. You’ve tried on five different outfits, three sets of jewelry  and ten types of clutches.”

Rachel: “Oh Emma honey, I just want to look my best tonight.”

Emma: “Mom, tonight really is not that big of a deal for you.”

Rachel: “Oh I know sweetheart but it’s your prom night and I want all your pictures to turn out fabulous.”

Emma: “So shouldn’t you help me look my best…?”

Rachel: “That’s why I have to look MY best so I don’t embarrass you in all the pictures!”

Emma (raising voice): “MOM. My prom started an hour ago! Robert’s been waiting downstairs for two hours. Our limo has left. When are you going to be ready?!”

Rachel: “Oh that little boyfriend of yours can wait! Why are you still with him anyway? Didn’t you catch him making out with your best friend?”

Emma: “We were on a break.”

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