Conversation Between Father and Son in the Year 2011

Dad (smoking a cigarette)

Son: “Dad, you’ve got to stop smoking. It’s not only bad for you but also bad for the people around you, like me and mom.”

Dad: “Son. That is why I do it.”

Son: “Dad…stop it. Do you know how much time and money mom and I spent to raise you? All those nights for you to go out clubbing with your buddies, poker nights at home, a new car for you on your 45th birthday! I don’t appreciate this type of treatment in return for all of that.”

Dad (zoning out)

Son (yelling): “I’m talking to you dad! Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

Dad (looks at son then looks away and rolls eyes)

Son: “Don’t give me that attitude!”

Dad (continues to smoke cigarette)

Son: “You’re grounded. You may only leave the house when it’s time for work. You must return home immediately after work and get rid of direct deposit! Mom is going to pick up your pay check from now on.”

Dad (throws cigarette on the follow and screams): “You can’t do this! I’m gonna un-friend you on Facebook!”

Son (rolls eyes) : “Whatever. You’re already on my limited profile list.”

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