Conversation between Boyfriend and Girlfriend on a Date Night

555b7417544f3bf1942987ed29b4968cBoyfriend is driving girlfriend in his car. They are on their way to the New Year’s Eve party.

GF: Baby, would you mind turning up the heat?

BF: Baby, it’s already at 100.2 degrees. One more .1 degree then we’ll match the radio station we’re listening to right now

GF: Baby, I’m freezing

BF: That’s ‘cause you’re barely wearing anything in that skimpy dress of yours and look at your coat! It’s like thin as silk!

GF: (lips starts turning orange) I’m fine

Couple arrives at the New Year’s Eve party

The pre-fixed dinner, consisting of steak, potatoe & zucchini, clam chowder soup, shrimp cocktail, and linguine pasta, is served.

BF is inhaling the food already.

5 minutes later.

BF: (looks up from his plate) Honey, how is the water?

GF: It’s fabulous.

BF: Is that all you’re having tonight?

GF: Mmhmm.

BF: Don’t complain about how hungry you are later.

GF: (silence). Gets up from her seat but then sits back down again.

BF is eating a piece chocolate mousse cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

GF: (whispers) Baby, I don’t think I can walk.

BF: Oh my lord, I told you not to wear those 4” heels!

GF: (Makes sad face) Carry me to the bathroom…please?

BF: I hate my life

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