On a beautiful morning, a girl was born: me. I often wonder if I really am the combination of my dad and mom, two people who can drive me crazy from time to time. I would rather not admit that I have inherited their craziness but who am I kidding, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

When I was in high school, my goal was to become a lawyer. The plan was to attend a top college in the U.S., keep doing what I do so I am well-rounded: good grades, good exam scores, involvement in extracurricular activities with leadership positions. In college, I became the Managing Editor of my school’s newspaper, thinking that this will help me get admitted to an Ivy League law school. But, after a year I wasn’t completely happy with the experience so I didn’t re-run after the term was over.

During my Junior year, I auditioned and MC-ed for a show at my college. I really enjoyed it. It felt, different. I began to question why I wanted to become a lawyer, that if it was the right career for me. After studying for the LSAT’s, interning at a law firm and working at a law firm for a few years, I confirmed that this path was really, not, for me.

Plan A and plan A and plan A was out the window. I asked myself, then what do I want to do? My mind drifted to that night during my Junior year, when I MC-ed for that show. I remembered how much I really enjoyed MC-ing. I decided to try show hosting to see if this liking was permanent. It was. So I started practicing to be a better performer and worked on my plan to move my ass from the legal industry to the industry that I should be in: media.

Through hard work, a dash of luck, help from others, and persistence, I entered the media field. From there, I worked in news production, promotional marketing to creative production. Except, something was still missing.

I am now in the “something is missing” and “I’m going to discover it” stage.

I welcome your presence here to accompany me on the past, the present and the future.

For business related inquires contact me at: tiffyunshow@gmail.com