A Typical College Student’s Night Before a Deadline

Your paper on the Civil War is due in less than 20 hours and you haven’t started it. No. Wait. Not only have you not started the paper but you haven’t started reading the book on the Civil War.  

4:30pm – You exit American History class. You look at your smartphone to see if you have missed any facebook updates since you last checked, which was half an hour ago. You have a feeling that doing so will increase your non-existing knowledge of the civil war.

An hour later.

You eat dinner with friends at the campus café.

An hour passes by.

You’re still gossiping with your friends, i.e. who hooked up with who over the weekend, which couple broke up, whose boyfriend or girlfriend is getting whipped, etc.

Another hour pass by.

You tell your friends you have to go to the library, like NOW.

7:30pm – You stop at the campus convenience store. You pick up red bull, energy drink, cup of coffee, a bottle of water, and some snacks.

8:00pm – You unpack on the quiet floor at the library. You start thinking that writing this paper might be a piece of cake because unpacking is like half the battle.

Forty minutes pass by.

You need a bathroom break.

On the way there, you spot someone you know. You guys talk about how you’re on crunch time and you got to read a 200-page book and write a 20-page paper on the book.

Ten minutes pass by.

You return to your spot.

You see a “+3” on your facebook notification icon. You discover that 3 people have commented on the facebook status that you just posted “cramming at the Billy & Hamilton library.”

Five minutes later

You finish responding to your friends’ comments. You smirk to yourself because you feel really popular that 3 people commented on your status. That’s a 30% response rate since you have 10 friends on facebook.

8:55pm – You’re on chapter 1, page 20. 180 more pages to go.

Thirty minutes later.

You eat the bag of pretzels.

1 minute later.

You drink the bottle of water you brought.

Fifteen minutes later

You’re now on page 10 of chapter 2. 170 more pages to go.

9:41pm – Some of your friends posted photos on facebook. You convince yourself that you need a break from all the reading you’ve done and proceed to looking at the photos.

9 minutes later.

You start having doubts that you can finish this 20 page paper and read 150+ more pages.

While you’re feeling doubtful, you notice the lights outside the library window and you blank out for about 2 minutes.

10:02pm – You start thinking of ways to get out of having to write this paper. Maybe you can drop the class? Maybe you can take a power nap and when you wake up you will magically have enough energy to finish writing this paper in 2 hours? Maybe you can e-mail your professor right now and tell him you are terribly sick and need an extension…like a one week extension…

A few hours pass by, you curse, you suffer from frustration, you feel tormented. But, you’ve made it.

8:29am – You email your professor, attaching your paper in the message.

8:30am – You announce on facebook that you just pulled an all nighter to write a paper. You ask if anyone wants to drink.

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