Being Asian | Social Science

What I Said and What I Meant

Old habits die hard – I began preparing a few days before my lecture on the American Dream at the United States Consulate in China. Staying up past midnight for many days, I revised, re-researched, added, removed and finally submitted the Powerpoint slides for the big day.  The last time I had given a speech […]

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Social Science | Thoughts on Life

My Fifty Percent

Summer of 2017. Beijing, China The boy sitting a couple of seats from us was staring at my friend and I. At standing height, my friend was 6’3,” sitting down, his torso was about 2 feet, lean and athletic. “Do you think our life was decided for us when we were born” I asked. “It’s […]

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Work Life

Must I Attend Networking Events…?

As an introvert, I dislike going to networking events. Going to them is like eating parsnip, getting them stuck in my front teeth, then suffering from diarrhea and constipation. Yes, it is that bad. At my third job, I was working in the sales department of a media company. My plan was to leave after one […]

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Social Science

My Tiffany and Co. Necklace

During college, I had a liking towards necklaces made by Tiffany and Co.. One year, I was taking one of the hardest courses at Carnegie Mellon University – Decision Analysis and Decision Support System (DADSS). It was taught by Paul Fischbeck, an intelligent, somewhat handsome, 6’3” (estimate), slim, professor who received his Ph.D from Stanford […]

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